Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Give Thanks

For twenty days leading up to Thanksgiving I have been writing what I'm thankful for in my Facebook status.  So far I've been thankful for....

Jake and John (that's two but they're a package deal)

Having a job, and a fun one at that!

An extra hour of sleep (day light savings ended)

Music. Especially live music. "Music is an outburst of the soul"

The little things in life. Like a smile from a stranger.

Coffee. Yum.  

Three years of marriage!

Veterans and those that help serve and protect our American rights.

Good hair days.

Pizza. Happy National Pizza Day! (11/12)

The grace of God.

Smoke-free establishments.

Laughing so hard, you cry!

The arts. Music, painting, photography, dancing, etc.

All the people who acted as mom and dad in my life throughout my 28 years.

Selfless giving. For volunteering.

I am thankful for the boost in the economy (from the holidays.)

Covenant Harvest School and the teachers who so humbly sacrifice.

For people who can go with the flow.


Lunch with friends.

What are you thankful for?  I am thankful for you, too.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Splashing around in uncharted waters

Three years of marriage is under both me and Phillip's belts!  That may seem like a silly statement to make but being Phil's third wife it's his first third wedding anniversary; and that is something to boast about!  The saying is definitely true that the third time is a charm.  I even joked with him saying a charm necklace would make a great Christmas present.  He smirked.

We left Monday night for Eureka Springs, Arkansas and just got back a few hours ago today (Thursday.)  While it was off-season in E.S., AR we had a blast and caught a few neat photos with our cell phones.  Enjoy.

Teeny tiny cabin and an awesome VW Beatle

Outside of a restaurant on the street (neat photo)

The gigantic Jesus statue near The Great Passion Play

See that little person in front of the bushes?  That is Phil to show just how large this statue is

Feeding time a Turpentine Creek, a big cat refuge - very cool to watch this lion eat

This is Zena one of three white tigers at the refuge. Her species is nearing extinction.

The view of Table Rock Lake from Phil's boyhood home. 

Our last night in E.S. we ate at a local restaurant, Sparky's, where I ordered chicken, and...

 ...Phil ordered chipotle sauce for his pork. It was insanely spicy even though the waitress called it mild. 

And a reminder of three years ago....