Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Looking around at the light saber, Lego pieces, and toys left throughout the house I get very emotional.  Jake and John were just picked up, heading to Silver Dollar City with their mom, and will not be back for three weeks. (They won't be at Silver Dollar City for three weeks.  I am going to Boston for 8 days and work for six days prior.)  My heart breaks at how much I already miss them.  It's only been five minutes since they left.  I have never loved another person the way I love those boys.  They consume my being in everything I do - from my work schedule to my every thought.  

Sigh. Being apart is rough.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This morning I weighed myself and achieved a major weight loss goal: FORTY pounds down!
I actually teared up while standing on the scale.  On March 3 (just 16 weeks ago) I weighed forty pounds more than I do now.  Last night I picked up a 40 lb. bag of corn and was shocked at just how much it weighed.  I put it on my shoulders and walked around with it for just a minute and was so ready to put that sack down.  I feel worlds better now - both physically and in confidence.  Every ten pounds lost from here on will be a milestone.  I will reward myself with little things like a new shirt or pair of pants.  This Friday I am getting a pedicure as my weight loss reward.  Ideally, I'd like to lose another 35 pounds and then try to maintain that weight loss.

Thank you so much for all the encouragement.  I appreciate it greatly and love the added push.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Killers again and a photo

Last I posted a blog I used a Killers song as the blog title.  That very song is playing right now.  CRAZY.
I did pray that God would give me the willpower and motivation to lose weight and He certainly did.  "On my knees, looking for the answer..." - The Killers  They sort of go hand-in-hand.  Sort of.

This was taken today...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"On my knees looking for the answers...are we human, or are we dancers?"

Ah, I sure do LOVE The Killers.

I think I should post a before and after photo of my weight loss progress but I am horrified by my "before" shot. Everyone I show says I did NOT look like that before...but the proof is in the photo, right?  Here goes nothing...

In this photo I had lost 33 pounds.

As of today I am down 37.6 pounds.  Just 2.6 pounds away from shedding FORTY pounds!  This is very exciting for me.  I'll have to post more photos soon.   

Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Warrior

I actually enjoying my head.  I am not a fan of praying aloud, especially for others.  It's SO hard for me.  This weekend I was approached by a very dear friend and nudged to start praying for others aloud.  This will take lots of (internal) prayer on my part.  Your prayers are appreciated too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Times are a changing

So much has happened in the last two weeks, never mind the last time I blogged.  Let's go back, for starters, ten years.  Ten  years ago yesterday I graduated from high school.  Wow, just wow! To think of how different I am now than ten years ago is almost shocking yet awesome.  I'm not talking physically different though I certainly have filled out some since good old "Cooley High."
June 1, 2001

That seems like a lifetime ago.  I guess you could say it was since I've transformed greatly since 2001. I have traded in my summer camp counseling jobs for full-time desk jobs, experienced real heartache, done some real growing-up and living, and in 2006 found a real, amazing love for Jesus.  Life is pretty stinking good.

Almost two weeks ago, on May 22, 2011, devastation struck as a tornado whipped through Joplin, Missouri destroying well over 30% of the city.  People lost their cars, homes, jobs, and some their lives.  In the midst of this horrific disaster people came together and grew strong.  It is a truly remarkable thing to see such hope in the middle of so much rubble.  It will take months and years for Joplin to physically rebuild again but the hearts of so many are stronger than ever and more thankful than ever.  I am so blessed to not have been affected much by the tornado.  I am so grateful my family, friends, home, and workplace were untouched.  I see now with fresh eyes and realize how important people, not things, are to me.  


This weekend I am going to Omaha, Nebraska for the Interchange Conference where I am expecting great things from God.  I am so eager to hear from Him and spend the weekend in His presence.  I will be surrounded by great friends and inspiration.  I will continue to pray for a changed self who loves Him and wants to walk with Him even more.  I will also keep Joplin in my prayers and those volunteers who are sacrificing so much of themselves for this grateful city.  My heart is heavy but also hopeful.