Sunday, April 27, 2008

Out Of Curiosity...

Which holiday do you think is most celebrated by Christians?
Which should be?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pictures from April

Little Plumber

No sun for this pastey girl
Happy campers

kate and jonathan
Jeff and Nicole

Faith and I - with masks on!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Who says you can't write three blogs in one evening?

I teared up this afternoon. While sitting at a table decorated by Mary McClaskey's Relay For Life team I looked over at Faith and Mary and was suddenly overcome with intense emotion.
I was meant to be sitting there at that moment with two people who would never be involved with Relay For Life if it weren't for Faith being my little sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Timing just may be everything and it all made perfect sense. Two of my volunteer worlds were colliding but for one reason: it was meant to be - it was God's will.

Pretty awesome stuff.

On a lighter note

Silver Dollar City rocked yesterday with the Kbaum's and Co.

The Survivor Luncheon (for Relay For Life) went REALLY well.

It's gorgeous outside and I got to go on a few carnival rides with Faith today.

Life is good.

A Years Difference

One year and one month ago I was baptised. I consider that day the day I was truly saved.
I am amazed how fast a year, almost two since I started attending church, has come and went.
Time flies when Jesus is by your side.

I see things differently.

There's a SMILE, YOUR MOM CHOSE LIFE sign posted on 69 Hwy that I pass, and have passed, for over two years now. When I was lost, and I clearly was lost, I looked at that sign and did one of two things: laughed or wanted to post a PRO-CHOICE sign right next to it. My liberal, yankee ways were shinning through and thought the folks (surely they were "folks") that posted that sign were bleeding red and were just judgemental church-goers.
Boy am I wrong - and I don't even know the folks that posted that sign.
I am meant to read that sign every week. I am meant to read it ALOUD every week and really think about what it reads: SMILE, YOUR MOM CHOSE LIFE.

I don't think many people know this but my mom almost didn't choose my life. I was an unplanned, unwanted fifth child of a failing marriage. [Just now I am having a moment, if you will. Who tells a child they were almost aborted anyway? My aunt Kelley, that's who.] My mom went as far as having her legs in the stirrups when she opted not to abort me. Putting this into text is HARD...really hard. Putting this into writing someone eases the pain of it all.

The mocking of that sign no longer takes place. I actually smile a big cheesy smile when reading that sign now. My mom chose life. I am in Kansas reading that sign because of her choice. Really, because of His choice. When I think of the grand scheme of things and how great God is, I am filled with cheesy ear-to-ear smiles inside and out.

A year ago I was saved. Two years ago I had never attended a church more than once for anything other than a life event. One year from now I hope I am more and more broken of barriers, bitterness and un-Godly ways.