Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inside my head

Often I am thinking a million thoughts a minute.

For example right now I am thinking "Is this bite of chicken going to be too hot to eat? I'll bite it anyway. It's probably going to burn my tongue and leave a sore on the roof of my mouth like too-hot pizza does.  I wonder how the conference will flow this year?  I hope Gods presence is thick.  I've had a word the last two Sundays I've been at church.  Perhaps God wants me to speak up and get out of my slouching-in-my-seat stance? Why do I get on Facebook so often? I think it's my insatiable need to connect to others.  That, and I get bored easily.  Then I get bored when I'm on Facebook and I think of iced lattes.  Mmm, lattes! Oh snap I need to make a phone call."

That's pretty much how my mind works all the time.

What's on your mind?