Monday, March 17, 2008

God Thoughts

I'm really excited about the small devotional meeting I'll be joining next week. I haven't been as disciplined in my bible reading as I should be so staying accountable with a group of ladies will be refreshingly structured. I'm looking forward to the Tuesday night ladies meetings as well and hope God turns up when we least expect Him. As you've witnessed he likes surprise "attacking" me. God is showing me that he has quite a sense of humor and a sense of faithfulness.

Before Doug left, on Monday 3/10/08, his family and I were standing in his kitchen talking about loving those that we don't necessarily like. Boy is that difficult! It's been heavy on my heart and in my prayers lately. Loving people doesn't come easy and it's only by the grace of God that I love some of the people I love.

It's funny, my college-aged partying neighbors are drunkingly celebrating St. Patrick's Day and I am writing about the amazement of God. Life is good. Better yet, life is remarkable.

My devotional for today is incredible - so incredible that you should all read it....

It is God who is working in you, (enabling you) both to will and to act for His good purpose. Philippians 2:13 HCSB


Sometimes you don't really feel like doing God's purposes. Sometimes you'd rathertake the path of least resistance and just be "normal." But that's not the real you!The real you can never settle for just fitting in. The real you rebels at the line of lemmingsall walking in uniform brokenness toward futility. [This screamed out to me] You aremade for an extraordinary life!At those times of wavering, God breathes upon the embers of your soul and ignites anew flame of passion and ability. To do the improbable. The impossible. And it is GodHimself who activates both the "willing" and the "working."So which comes first, the desire o the ability? The answer: Whichever one He gives youfirst! Doing God's will increases your desire, and the desire leads you into more doing.
Cool, huh?

God, you know how much I need Your strength to do Your purposes
and to even want to do them. Remind me of who I am in You.


Kerri said...

Odd, not one comment on what I think to be my best blog.

Kerri said...

Reading this over a year later I am still so thankful for God's grace and will in my life.