Sunday, April 20, 2008


Who says you can't write three blogs in one evening?

I teared up this afternoon. While sitting at a table decorated by Mary McClaskey's Relay For Life team I looked over at Faith and Mary and was suddenly overcome with intense emotion.
I was meant to be sitting there at that moment with two people who would never be involved with Relay For Life if it weren't for Faith being my little sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Timing just may be everything and it all made perfect sense. Two of my volunteer worlds were colliding but for one reason: it was meant to be - it was God's will.

Pretty awesome stuff.


Kerri said...

I am getting frustrated because 1. I cannot spell this evening (Epiphone? what is THAT?) and 2. I can't figure out how to edit my posts.

Micah & Sarah said...

Sign in, then, from the Dashboard, click on posts, then 'Edit'. What did you mean by Epiphone?

Abigail Kreighbaum said...

Hey, I did not know that you had a blog! You should tell me these things.

Kerri said...

I meant to write Epiphany not Epiphone.

Patti said...

i'm so upset that you changed it...i liked that it said 'epiphone' showed your human side

i don't even know what i'm saying

Kerri said...

I know what you're saying: We all make mistakes.