Friday, June 20, 2008


Tomorrow is the longest day of the year: the first day of summer.

I am not the biggest fan of summer as I really don't like being overly hot.
Plus, where's the beach? I guess if we had a beach I'd complain about having to wear
a bathing suit. Yay for no beach.

Summer also rocks. Freckles sprout. Cool, tasty treats are consumed on a regular basis.
Kids swim and I take pictures (pool pictures are the best.) Schedules are thrown out of whack. BBQ's are had. [Nothing like food from the grill.] Flip flops flop frequently.


Patti said...

hey....weren't we supposed to have a summer solstice party??

Abigail Kreighbaum said...

Like the activities not the heat!

Kerri said...

I contradict myself often, as you can tell from this blog.

Summer is officially here. Let's hope it's a blessed one.

Scott said...

@patti, if we were druids in the 4-9th centuries maybe.

Alliteration is my favorite language skill, you did it so well. Bravo!