Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happiness...Is This

It seems I only blog when things are bothering me or when I'm down.
Not every Sunday is a bad one, it is actually more rare to have a bad Sunday than a great Sunday. Last night at prayer Ryan mentioned not taking the kingdom's gifts for granted. Sunday's are the BEST days: we get to worship, pray, be in the presence of God more intensely, visit with God-loving friends and occassionally have lunch with a family or two. I mean why complain about that?! I love it.

Things that make me HAPPY...

Open doors/hearts
My Butler guys
Praying with others
Pop Dan's pasta and gravy
Interacting with different ages/sexes/personalities
REAL conversations (these are hard to come by)
Invites (these are VERY appreciated)
Grace of God

Those are just a few things that I am more than happy to have in my life.


Amy said...

You know what makes me happy....seeing a friend that is advancing in the things of God even if she does not see it. We need to hang out sometime soon. Just the two of us. I want to let you know that I apreciate your honesty, your willingness to see the other side of things and your ability to admit when your wrong and desire to change it. I am so glad that God has put you in my life.

Kerri said...

I really needed to read these words today. Thanks Amy.

Abigail Kreighbaum said...

You are one of the things that make me happy! I love you

Patti said...

"happiness is a warm gun"

sorry...i just couldn't resist

Joe said...

A post is waiting for you

Jamison said...

Happiness is also inviting yourself into someones home, messing up their plans and making a new friend because of it. Happiness in unpredictability. Never knowing where you might land. You, my friend and all of your Butler boys are ALWAYS welcome at our home. Right now...come over NOW!!!! Praying for you...I know God is bigger than any MRI...DJ