Friday, March 6, 2009

Help I need somebody! Not just anybody!

Jake turned eight on February 27th. The boy is EIGHT! He's missing four front teeth and it's simply adorable. The eight-year-old Jake received $25 from his great-grandmother as a birthday gift. It must've been his first time receiving money as a gift because he held that money in his hand and stared at it the whole ride home from Oklahoma last Saturday.
He must've been thinking really hard of what he could get with it.
"Do I have enough money for Wii music?" he asked. He did not.
"Maybe I can go to Walmart and pick something out" he stated.
Later that night, we went as a family to Game Stop where Jake got Wii Music as a birthday present from Phil and I. He used $10 on a Wii driving wheel controller. Not a bad choice I thought. John wasn't feeling well so he and I headed to Walgreens to pick up some medicine while Jake and Phil went to Hastings to see what Jake could get with his remaing birthday bucks.

I was elated with his second purchase. This just proves what kind of musical, and overall, influence we have on the boy. He purchased...wait for it....

The Beatles Help! cd. I was impressed. At eight years old I was too concerned with Barbies to worry about the Beatles. It was a proud moment to say the least.


Patti said...

That is awesome!

Abigail Kreighbaum said...

That sounds like something Jake would do!

Nicole said...

Haha- I love that little guy! This not only shows a great taste in mussic, but also how much he adores and looks up to his dad.

Kerri said...

Boy does he ever look up to Phil; they both do. Jake got a shirt and (clip-on) tie for your wedding and he said "I think I'll look just like dad in this." It was precious.

Kerri said...

Abby, you should start blogging.