Wednesday, September 2, 2009


345 S. Northpark Lane is where the Butlers now reside. (South Northpark always makes me chuckle.)

The first few nights here have been better than expected, to my surprise. I thought I would be lonely and sad but instead I've distracted myself with some unpacking and laundry. It's nice that Phil works a minute, yes literally a minute, away from home. He's come home for lunch twice and leaves the house much later for work.

Speaking of laundry...we are proud owners of a Kenmore washer & dryer duo! (An exclamation point IS needed on this.) I have been enslaved to coin-operated laundry for far too long. And those of you reading this know me to let laundry pile up until I am swimming in it. Only then do I go to the laundry mat or ask Bekah if I can bring a load, or five, over. (She always says yes - thanks Bekah!) Phil somehow managed to unload the washer and dryer by himself. The box said it was at least a two-person job but he's not much for reading boxes. This may seem like no big deal but those clunkers are HEAVY. I was beyond impressed. Installing the dryer himself was another story. It's truly amazing what duct tape can fix!

Speaking of Bekah...her kids are too stinking cute! I love them to pieces and was psyched to get to spend quality time with them and Patti this evening. Home group didn't take place tonight due to a meeting of the HG leaders, assistants, and other important people (I know, we're all important people.) Patti, the kids, and I went to the Mall Deli where Audrey out ate all of us. No joke. That adorable chubkins can EAT! I can't wait until she's in Preschool with Patti and she's quoted in a blog; that will be hysterical.

God is incredible. I must say His grace is overwhelming in the best possible sense of the word overwhelming.


Micah & Sarah said...

We know what you mean.

word verification: unsock

Patti said...

My favorite part of last night was when we were walking out to the car after dinner and Audrey said she was hungry. Where is she putting it?

M&S - "unsock"? is that what happens when you take your socks off? i'll be there in a minute, i have to unsock.

my word: tenod

Kerri said...

my word: prever. Short for previous evening?

Patti - maybe Audrey is going to hibernate soon and needs all the food she can get now? She must be stuffing it in those cheeks.

M & S - What do you know what I mean? That was an awfully short blog comment, though I do appreciate it.

Patti said...

You wouldn't understand, Jim. It's a secret.

Abigail Kreighbaum said...

I am missing you already!!!

Micah & Sarah said...

I mean we know what you mean about being in a new place and feeling overwhelmed but then being overwhelmed by God's grace and goodness instead.

new word: roppo

Wasn't he a Marx brother?