Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Life

It's 7:52pm Saturday evening. I'm watching Cops and barely holding my eyes open.

True story.


Kerri said...

Some guy, on Cops, got pulled over because is license plate light was out. He'd been drinking so he decided to run from the police. Two statey's (aka State Troopers) and three local cop cars followed him until his car rolled FIVE times. When asked why he ran from them he said "I had a few beers." People are dumb. Cops is entertaining. It's funny to poke fun at others misfortunes in this case and appreciate what I'll NEVER do.

Scott said...

Cops, eh? The lessons I take away from Cops are: Don't do drugs. Don't lie. Don't do drugs. Don't run from the cops. Alcohol and drugs make you do stupid things. Don't drink and drive. Don't violate traffic laws when you have illegal substances in your car.

Kerri said...

Scott, I too, take away those same lessons when watching Cops. It was a Saturday night and nothing else was on.