Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inside my head

Often I am thinking a million thoughts a minute.

For example right now I am thinking "Is this bite of chicken going to be too hot to eat? I'll bite it anyway. It's probably going to burn my tongue and leave a sore on the roof of my mouth like too-hot pizza does.  I wonder how the conference will flow this year?  I hope Gods presence is thick.  I've had a word the last two Sundays I've been at church.  Perhaps God wants me to speak up and get out of my slouching-in-my-seat stance? Why do I get on Facebook so often? I think it's my insatiable need to connect to others.  That, and I get bored easily.  Then I get bored when I'm on Facebook and I think of iced lattes.  Mmm, lattes! Oh snap I need to make a phone call."

That's pretty much how my mind works all the time.

What's on your mind?


Patti said...

Here's what I'm thinking after reading that:

1. You're awesome! I can't wait to see you later.
2. I can't wait to see Keira, either.
3. I need to listen to that song Andrea sent the worship team.
4. I should've canceled school for today.

Tammy said...

Right now I'm thinking about my husband getting home soon. :)

Kerri said...

I'm beat. It's been a BUSY Friday. Worked, picked up the boys, ate chick-fil-a (yum!), went to this crazy Halloween store where everyone seemed incompetent, got the boys haircuts, finally made it home.
Now bed is on the brain.

Kris H. said...

1) Ooooh, iced lattes. Add vanilla, and I'm in.

2) You said, 'oh, snap!'

3) I hope my InDesign file is still on the computer in S104 because it sure as poop isn't on my flash drive.

4) I hope I have enough milk in my cup for the mini wheats in my mug.

Word Verification: traniffi. No lie.

Scott said...

Love the way your mind works.

My word: reaken

Man, those clothes were reaken!

Kerri said...

I am constantly interrupting myself, in my head.