Friday, May 13, 2011

Rambling about teeth and such.

Hello Spring. Nope, hey Summer!  Got to love wacky Midwest weather.  I've learned no matter where one lives they'll ALWAYS complain about the weather.  It's a conversation starter, ice breaker, and something everyone can talk about.  Today is cloudy with a chance of potentially awesome moments ahead.

How are you?  I am fantastic!  I swear I have A.D.D when it comes to writing and keeping focus long enough to stay on one subject.  I feel like I'm writing to myself so who cares if I'm all over the place, right?  Right.

The 2010-2011 school years are coming to an end.  Covenant Harvest School ends tomorrow.  Joplin schools end June 3rd.  Seems like that school year whizzed on bye.  I am looking forward to taking a last-day-of-school photo of the boys in the same spot I snapped their first-day-of-school photo.  Those boys have grown like weeds this school year and I'm curious to see photographic proof.

John is in the process of losing his second front tooth.  Sadly he isn't going through that toothless phase--which is adorable!--since his big teeth are already growing in behind the baby teeth.  It'll be good to see him with a tooth-filled mouth.  Poor kid has been a few teeth shy of a full mouth of teeth since he was three.  Due to all the medicine he was on and acid reflux his teeth were bad.  He is OBSESSED with keeping his teeth white and clean.  It's actually comical when he asks "Kerri, these cookies don't have sugar in they?"  I have to laugh and say "Actually, they do."  He almost stopped eating them because he's convinced they'll rot his "grown up teeth."  He always wants to be bigger than Jake and since he isn't he says "I will  have better teeth than Jake.  Mine are whiter right?  Jake's are yellow."  Oh boys and competition.  John does have whiter teeth now.  But we'll keep that between us.

I am looking forward to summer and it's potential for memory-making moments.  I am planning on going back to Boston (solo) for a whole week in July.  That will be a nice getaway.  The beach is one of my absolute favorite places in all of God's creation.  So relaxing, breath-taking, and serene.  Did I mention I'm going alone?  Alone and relaxing go hand-in-hand.  I will miss Phil and the boys.  I hate being away for more than four days or I get really homesick.  I am rambling.

Today: brush your teeth so they're whiter than John's and do something kind for yourself and another.

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