Friday, May 23, 2008

Life is Splendid

God reminded me again today why walking with Him is the only way to walk.

While talking to my aunt Steph and uncle Kenny on the phone this evening I realized
that holding grudges and clutching onto bitterness, like they currently do towards their sibling, is
such a waste of time. I explained to them that I get together with some friends
weekly (when life isn't so crazy) for a devotional and we've been talking a lot of loving those
we don't necessarily like. That's HARD work but it can be done. I hope it shed some light
that bitterness is not the answer.
Out of me saying that my aunt let me in on a secret: she's quite spiritual and has been
all her life. I was a little surprised that it was a big secret that she kept tucked away until this very day. She'd always been a very uplifting woman so it didn't surprise me that she's spiritual
but her keeping it mum was odd. At any rate, the conversation was great. They thought I was
holding onto feelings of resentment towards them all these years. I explained there are no such
feelings which helped them to move on and know they should carry no such feelings.

The conversation was uplifting for both parties and made me fall in love with my walk with God a little bit more.

" don't know what you've got til it's gone..." are lyrics from a song that I'm sure Patti will be able to recall. Makes me think of all I was missing before I was found. Being saved is splendid.


splen·did –adjective

1. gorgeous; magnificent; sumptuous.
2. grand; superb, as beauty.
3. distinguished or glorious, as a name, reputation, victory, etc.
4. strikingly admirable or fine: splendid talents.
5. excellent, fine, or very good: to have a splendid time.
6. brilliant in appearance, color, etc.


Michelle said...

I truly enjoy every word you write. :)

Abigail Kreighbaum said...

So true!

Scott said...

"Hard Habit to Break", Chicago 17.

Amy said...

Miss you!

Micah & Sarah said...

From afar, it's great to read about your adventure that is being saved. We can't wait to see everyone again and share stories.

Cinderella sang "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)".

Ugo said...

Someone is really slacking on the blog writing!