Monday, January 4, 2010

A look back at 2009 through my planner

For some reason even-numbered years appeal to me more than the odd years. 2010 will be a good year. I'll make it good by focusing on God first then everything else that distracts me. Happy New Year to all!

Back in March I wrote something in my 2009 planner about March's. I guess I should jot it down before I toss the old planner. Then I will recall all the cool little things I wrote in my planner throughout the year. My memory is not as sharp as it once was and this is like a little timeless vault of memories for me to go back to.


March 2004 - Blacked out from drinking too much alcohol. Went to the ER the next day and was hooked up to IV's for 2 hours.

March 2005 - Phil and I broke up due to jealousy and sinful ways. Moved back to Massachusetts.

March 2007 - I was baptised in the holy spirit. Best March of my life.

March 2009 - Was part of God's work in the wedding of a pastor's oldest daughter.

These may seem like silly little lines about March's over the years but it's part of my testimony. To see God shape my life so drastically over just six years is quite awesome. I am blessed.

End of 2008 and 2009 in review, according to my 16-month planner....

9/7/08 - Pop Dan spoke of his freedom from leukemia. God is a healer. Alter call to get filled with the holy spirit. This was a personal move closer to God for me.

9/3/08 - Started Zumba classes. Took a total of 4 classes.

9/21/08 - Tennyson - Words of encouragement move you forward. It's like a breath of fresh air in a smoke-filled room. (Hebrews 3:13) Ways to find encouragement: Scripture, Prayer time, Faith in God, and Through songs/music. "Work hard. Do a good job. Be a blessing." - Chris Sterrett said this to his kids every morning.

9/24/08 - "Home group 7pm - ROCKED!"

9/28/09 - Patti's housewarming party 6:30-8:30pm

10/9/08 - Started meeting with Obi for his school research project about families.

10/19/08 - Joe Noga: "To be salt we must touch the world, to be light we must reinforce the church."

10/22/08 - Notes from home group: "We don't have the excuse of ignorance. Everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - connected with that old way of life has to go." - Scott Parish
Ask yourself "Is what I'm doing pleasing to God?"

11/3/08 - One year wedding anniversary.

11 & 12/08 - Poel practice! Practice! Practice!

12/27/08 - Jay Lotterer preached: "The condition of your life changes whether you're ready (for it to) or not." Micah and Sarah are back until the 23rd!

1/22-1/23/09 - BOSTON!

2/5/09 - Worst brain "ache" of my life 10:15pm

2/12-2/14/09 - Marriage conference in Branson.

2/22/09 - Scott Squires notes: If we're not aware of God and living for Him, we're not living. Always love God; God never meant for us to live compartmentalized lives. You'll drive yourself crazy if you try living for God AND in the your old ways.

3/14/09 - Kreighbaum/Jachura wedding

4/6-4/20/09 - Flu, strep throat, bronchitis, sinus infection, viral infection.

4/19/09 - Notes from Doug preaching: Six Common Causes of Disobedience to God's design -
1. Not walking with Jesus through the scripture
2. Foolishness/Pride - the sin of Satan
3. Unbridled selfishness
4. Failure to see things/judge ourselves in Christ
5. Failure to overcome relational sins
6. Lack of Godly Fear (Eph. 4:25 & Eph. 5:21)

4/21/09 - Gave my notice at Mt. Carmel after almost being forced to quit.

5/6/09 - Corporate prayer. Prayed for the seniors. Gave a word to Kelsea about being light everywhere she goes.

5/8/09 - Day day working for Mt. Carmel

5/21-5/28/09 - BOSTON! Extended my trip since I wasn't working.

5/29/09 - Relay For Life event. My last year on the committee.

6/1-6/5/09 - Vacation Bible School. "Camp counselor Kerri"

6/11-6/16/09 - Jake and John went to Disney World with their grandparents

6/20/09 - First of three Worship in the Park's

6/22/09 - The Fire Work stand in Saginaw, MO opens! Let the moldy fun begin.

7/18/09 - Car Care

8/1/09 - Saw Wicked in Tulsa, OK for Patti's birthday. Great time!

8/23/09 - Scott Parish church notes:
The three V's of Forgiveness:
1. Victim
2. Vigilante
3. Victor

8/30/09 - Moved to Joplin, Missouri with the help of many friends. (Thanks again!)

9/6/09 - Scott Squires notes from church: "Blur the lines. There's no black and white in society - only in the Bible. It's a book of light and dark that are continually in opposition of one another." Be zealous NOT apathetic. We were made for this; to display the kingdom. Repentance is the doorway to every revival. The beginning of the end of every battle is an awakening.

9/13/09 - CHS Fundraiser meetings start at the Angeles'.

9/23-9/25/09 - Fall conference

10/17/09 - Kreighbaum/Sperry wedding. Micah was back to take photos!

10/30/09 - CHS Fall Festival. David Gray and Doug got slimmed!

11/8/09 - Doug's notes...
World view 2 questions: 1. What's the problem? 2. What can be done/solution?
World view answers: "isms" Capitalism, socialism, communism, secular humanism, fascism and globalism

11/3/09 - Second wedding anniversary!

12/6/09 - Doug's notes... Mother Theresa said "The worst disease in today's world is not leprosy or cancer: it is the feeling of being uncared for, unwanted, of being deserted and alone."
Hindrances to building the House of God:
1. Some don't want it.
2. Some say they want it but aren't willing to pay the price.
3. Some say they want it but feel no one else does and lose heart.
4. Some find it hard and give up.
5. Some find life too busy.
6. Some think it'll happen magically.
"If a man wants friends he must show himself friendly" - Proverbs 18:24

12/20/09 - Doug's notes... When it comes to evangelism our fears and past experiences work against us. Light shall shine out of darkness. Light exposes darkness. Jesus shines in our hearts. Testifying: it's hard to make a case without witnesses. We're called to testify. It's hard to object to what you've seen with your own eyes.


Scott said...

The last one says it all for me about you. You've seen a lot with your own eyes, and it's hard to object to it. You do have an incredible testimony in God. Thanks for the retrospective. I'm glad I could be a little part of it. :)

Kerri said...

You've been a great part of my life and my growth in becoming a more Godly woman, Scott. Thank you.

Patti said...

Ah....the highlights.
Camp counselors, moldy fun (with home-made Mad Libs) and quite possibly the best birthday ever.
I love you, Kerri, way too much.
I have no doubt that this will be an amazing year for you.

Love you!

Michelle said...

This was a GREAT post! Loved remembering so many events and messages! Thanks.

Ugo said...

Great Highlights...almost had a Sportscenter feel to it :)

Sarah said...

Awesome, Kerri! Thanks for summing up all those sermons, sounds like it's been a great past couple of years. I am so glad God brought you to us. This next year is going to be GREAT! Love, Sarah

Kerri said...

Patti your comment meant A LOT to me. I love you too!

Everyones comments are encouraging and I greatly appreciate them. I am so blessed to have you all in my life.