Monday, January 25, 2010

Positive, Encouraging...KLOVE

Something has changed on the inside of me.

I've put aside my indie rock and roll CD's for Christian radio.  90.7 KLOVE is programmed as my number one station.  I have John, the boy who once shouted "why are we listening to church music, it's not Sunday", now singing "Kwoooooove."  (He's working on his "L's" still.)

As a little reminder to myself of how far I've come I will re-post the photo of the "Jesus bird" (from 5/15/08) that would not let me go home the day I tried leaving church due to moodiness and sin.

Life is good.


Scott said...

I love that bird. We miss you at HG and church. I know schedules are conflicting sometimes, but when you're able to please come.

Kerri said...

Yes sir. We'll be there tomorrow. Feel free to call us to nudge us along anytime. That bird was a God-send.

Patti said...

Well...don't show up tomorrow. Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Jesus bird.

Kerri said...

Wednesday. I meant Wednesday. I think we will be in Pittsburg tonight dropping off my car at the shop.

Nicole said...

I love that bird too! And I love you :)

Kerri said...

I'm so glad I got a photo of that little bugger.