Friday, February 19, 2010

The Great Cookie Debate; get a clue.

"Where are the girl scouts? More importantly, where are the cookies?"

Little did I know a simple Facebook status would turn into a thirty-comment discussion leaning towards our church being a discriminatory one.  I think people just want to argue.  Especially the liberal, close-minded, self-centered, left winged crazies who are full of hatred and darkness.  It makes me angry to think I was once so ignorant.  

Phil and I discussed how much we've changed over the past few years.  How apathetic I once was.  How I would be so agreeable with everyone to avoid any type of confrontation.  How Phil was much less in-your-face about his passions, about his passionate dislike for Wal-mart, about how much he's grown.  How much we've both grown. The only reason we're more confident in our selves is because our self is not the center of our lives.  God is.  Loving another more than yourself really changes things.  Loving Jesus more than yourself changes everything.  

Someone with no clue saying our church discriminates makes me enraged.  It makes me want to shove a cookie down such a persons throat.  BUT because I have love in my heart I actually feel sorry for the people living in such darkness.  Get a clue.  See the light.  See that there is more to life than yourself. 

Still, I'd love some Thin Mints. 


Scott said...

I hear Wal-Mart is muscling in on the Girl Scouts. You can find the knock off thin mints in the cookie isle.

"Loving Jesus more than yourself changes everything." As good a quote as anyone has ever made.

I was so wanting to say hi to you guys at the pizza thing after church, but *sigh*, only caught a glance and then we had to go. Think about you and Phil all the time. We love you two.

Patti said...

We interrupt this blog for CNN's breaking coverage of the Great Cookie Debate 2010.....

...that was so ridiculous. I still don't know what to say about it.

I think that lady needs a cookie and some popcorn shoved down here pie-hole.

Kerri said...

She's miserable, to say the very least.

Kerri said...

At any rate, I finally got some cookies.