Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Summer...

I love how you are full of promises of adventure and excitement. 
You remind me of childhood and what it's like to hope, dream, soak up the sun and the excitement and newness of what tomorrow holds.  
Every summer day is a new adventure.  
A day to read a book under a tree.  
To gleefully cannonball into a pool.  
To slab on the coconut-scented sunblock.  Then re-apply. 
To laugh, play, get a tan, share quality time with those you care about, to grill.
To enjoy freeze pops and tropical snow. 
To wear flips flops and sport brightly painted toes. 

I am so looking forward to you, summer.  Here's to another great one.


Scott said...

"brightly painted toes"

I laughed. I do not sport them.

Kerri said...

That is definitely a good thing Scott.

Kerri said...

Did I mention bike riding? It's so hot but so worth it after the ride.

Kerri said...

...and iced caramel macchiatos. Yum.