Monday, May 10, 2010

Visits Home

The more I change, the more they stay the same.
Each visit home is a realization that I am not the person who left Massachusetts six years ago.
Anyone who looks at my comments on MySpace circa 2004-2005 knows that I was a crude, dirty-talking, foul mouthed, Jesus-bashing, rude, miserable "Masshole."  Sorry I had to go there.  I had little more than just my self to live for and it was evident.  When you put yourself second to Jesus, life really takes a turn for the better.

Just last week I shared a story with my home group from my recent trip back east.  While home, a conversation took place between my brother Jeff and myself.  He started it.   We talked of religions and how different each really is.  He then said "You know which one I really can't stand?" Which? "Those born-again's!"  I let him tell me how awful born-again Christians are, how they shove bibles in peoples faces, how your life before being born-again is total washed away and how your previous life and actions no longer exist.  It was hard not to get angry or laugh in his face.  Nonchalantly, I told him that I was "born again" three years ago in March of 2007.  He got silent.  I explained that while it may appear my life before is no longer it's my sins that were washed away by the blood of Jesus.  That I have never shoved a bible in any persons face, nor would I.  That I choose to live my life like Christ lived his life. He got quiet again.  The conversation shifted to another subject shortly after.  He noticed a change in me.  The next day, while driving, he mentioned how he doesn't have a foundation in his life/family.  That he's created his own foundation in his family.  I said "Sadly, most people build their own foundation."  

Just living for Him and like Him shows how different a person is.  Visits home are a reminder of the old me while being more grateful for the reinvented, Christ-loving new me.


Kerri said...

fine. don't comment.


Scott said...

I sort of commented already. Off-line. At lunch. But I will say this, the testimony of Jesus in your life is brightly shining. You are awesome Kerri.

Kerri said...

Merci Scott.