Sunday, August 29, 2010

Disappointed in myself. D'oh!

I had a word at church today and didn't give it.

What a disappointing feeling it is not having said what God showed me.  Standing in front of the church can be a bit nerve wracking.  Not standing in front of the church speaking His word is a worse feeling, in retrospect.

Here's the picture I had:

Everyone in the church had a light bulb over their head with a pull chain attached.  Some people pulled their chain and their light came on while other lights did not come on.  The persons whose light did not come on were in complete shock and were more concerned with the light bulb not working than really looking at the darkness they've been living in for some time.  What God wants us to remember is that He always knows where we are living.  That He can turn our light on again if we look to Him.  We cannot have one foot in light and another in darkness.


Joy said...

It's okay Kerri. It is a great word . . . but there will be a next time, and then, you will know what you have to do :). I was good to see you yesterday. Love ya!

Patti said...

Amy told me you had something but didn't get up. Tsk, tsk.
That is a really good word, though.

Kerri said...

I emailed Doug. He's so encouraging.

Scott said...

Kerri, that's a great impression God gave to you. Don't be discouraged, just be ready and willing next time that happens. You know, we are really trying to open things up and make it easier for people to share in the service, so don't be shy. We really want to hear what the Spirit of God is saying. It's all about every part of the body contributing and building the rest of the body up.