Monday, August 30, 2010

So Long Sweet Summer

Do you ever stand in front of the mirror doing karate moves and making funny faces? Oh, neither do I. 

This was a summer of magical summers. I wish I could sing about how awesome my summer was, like how Sandy and Danny did in Grease, because I can't really articulate in words how great it was.  "I went to the pooooool a lot with the boooooooooooooys." That didn't work.  I was way off pitch.  

Here are the highlights of my summer...

Jonas Jachura was born!  The little guy came six weeks early.  Here's a photo of him with his proud grandparents:

I discovered Glee.  It's a guilty pleasure that I love to love.  I probably discovered it before summer actually started but I'll call it the summer anyway.

Two of my dear friends turned thirty.  Bekah in early June and Patti in late July.  Both were awe-inspiring parties with great friends, games, snacks, and some emotional gifts. There were other birthdays this summer (Donnie,  Joy, Nicole, Amy, Phil)  but those were the most notable, milestone birthdays.  (my camera got ruined in the ocean therefore I have no photographic proof of Patti turning thirty.)

We went on a "vacation" to Massachusetts and New Hampshire where we ate, prayed, loved one another and swam.  I quoted vacation because going back home sometimes does not feel like a vacation, rather a visit.  If that makes sense.  We did have a blast, don't get me wrong.  Phil had fun even with his eyes closed.

Now Jake and John are back in school and I have lots of free time on my hands.  No complaints here, other than needing to lose weight...and lots of it.  


Scott said...


What was that?


Just a blur now in the rear view mirror. I'm sad for you losing your camera to the ocean. What happened?

Kerri said...

I let John and Jake take a lot of photos while on vacation. Jake put it in his swim shorts pocket and we headed to the beach. Forgetting it was in his pocket, he ran into the water. We realized about 10 seconds too late. It's just a camera. I can get a new one.