Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Warrior

I actually enjoying my head.  I am not a fan of praying aloud, especially for others.  It's SO hard for me.  This weekend I was approached by a very dear friend and nudged to start praying for others aloud.  This will take lots of (internal) prayer on my part.  Your prayers are appreciated too.


Patti said...


Amy said...

Practice makes perfect. When I first came to the church I was horrified about praying out loud. What I did to help myself was to pray out loud in my personal prayer time. That really helped me to get into the practice. And remember that no prayer is silly or insignificant or wrong especially if it is coming from your heart. You can do it Kerri,you are an amazing woman of God and people need to hear your voice in these days.

Kerri said...

I did some hardcore praying earlier today. I had to set a timer so I wouldn't be late for work. It was AWESOME indeed. Now I need to start praying aloud.